Quilt patterns brewed by Tea for Two

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Title: Goosebumps  

Size: 62.5" X 62.5"

Title: Square Dance Fancy  

Size: 24" X 24"

Title: Winter Wonder  

Size: 23" X 28"

Title: It's a Wrap  

Size: 46" X 46"

Title: Papa's Shirttails  

Size: 56" X 65"

Title: Sash-a-Stash  

Size: 58" X 73"

Title: Half-Baked  

Size: 67" X 80"

Title: Wicker Topper  

Size: 27" X 27"

Title: Liberty Welcome  

Size: 24" X 32"

Title: Gran Central  

Size: 25.5" X 25.5"

Title: Center of Attention  

Size: 15" X 26"

Title: Wicker - The Quilt  

Size: 69" X 78"

Title: Button Spinners  

Size: 58" X 70"

Title: Easy Nines  

Size: 16" X 28"

Title: Corner Rescue  

Size: 24" X 24"

Title: Holiday Luster  

Size: 18" X 36"

Title: Casserole  

Size: 61" X 73"

Title: Tea for Two Tote  

Size: 13" X 17" X 8"

Title: Prairie Medley  

Size: 68" X 80"

Title: Sunrise Star  

Size: 15.5" X 29"

Title: Kansas Summer  

Size: 70" X 90"

Title: Prairie Trails Quilt  

Size: 72" X 85"

Title: Penny Pinwheels  
Item #TFT159
Size: 14" X 30"
This quick tablerunner can be made with leftovers from a jelly roll or just scraps from your stash. The length can easily be changed by increasing or decreasing the number of pinwheels. It's perfect for that narrow table or shelf.

Title: Sash-a-Stash  
Item #TFT157
Size: 21" X 29"
This is a quick, easy project that would be great for a beginner. The size can easily be adjusted by cutting the strips narrower or wider. This project is also charm pack friendly or can be made with leftovers from a jellyroll.

Title: 3 Sisters  
Item #TFT154
Size: 18 1/2" X 34"
This pattern utilizes an easy strip-piecing technique that makes the stars a breeze to sew. Even the center goes together quickly making this project suitable for even a confident beginner.

Title: Settlers' Lace
Item #TFT153
Size: Approximately 29" X 29"
Sewing strip sets makes this a quicker project than you might think. A good assortment of scraps really gives it a vintage feel or it can be made with a background and two fabrics which could make it suitable for any season or holiday.

Title: Prairie Trails
Item #TFT152
Size: Approximately 28" X 28"
This quick, easy project is a great way to use up small scraps and old uglies, and is easy enough for a confident beginner. Colors could be selected to make it appropriate for any season.

Title: Dishes & Wishes
Item #TFT151
Size: Approximately 19" X 29"
One of the easiest patterns that can be made with half-square triangles is Broken Dishes. Using a good assortment of scraps really gives it a vintage feel.

Title: Confetti Fun
Item #TFT148
Size: Approximately 18" X 32"
CHARM PACK FRIENDLY! This would be a great beginner's project. It can easily be made longer just by adding a few rows of either the center section or the end sections. Buttons and rick rack add a great third dimension to the project. This even works with seasonal charm packs.

Title: Wee Welcome
Item #TFT144
Size: 10" X 21.5"
This is a quick, easy applique project (even the quilt blocks) that will look great hanging in your entryway or foyer. Use Heat 'N Bond Lite if you want to stitch around all the edges or Heat 'N Bond Ultrahold for a no-sew applique technique.

Title: Nickel Candy
Item #TFT145
Wallhanging: 16" X 19.5"
Tabletopper: 19" square
Tablerunner: 16" X 26"
Any ONE of these projects can be made with a charm pack and half a yard of background fabric, or just by using your own scraps. Instructions are included for all three.

Title: Kennedy's Corners
Item #TFT144
Size: 29" X 29"
This pattern is much easier than it looks. Only two different blocks, two sizes of squares, and one rectangle shape are used to create the entire top. The appliques are applied using the raw edge applique technique making this a quick, easy project.

Title: Go Between
Item #TFT142
Size: 17.5" X 28"
This is a quick, simple project with basic quilt construction and would be easy enough for even a beginner.

Title: Delaney's Dresden
Item #TFT143
Size: 18.5" X 37"
This tablerunner can be made suitable for any holiday or season by selecting appropriate fabric colors. Template pattern is included for the Dresden sections.

Title: Blossom Buddies
Item #TFT138
Size: 26.5" X 26.5"
Quick, easy machine applique, basic piecing, and prairie points make this a simple little wall quilt.

Title: Tri'd and True
Item #TFT139
Size: 26" X 26"
This topper is as easy as it looks. All the pieces are cut from a single triangle template. It can easily be resized by either cutting the triangles a different size or by adding or deleting rows. Pattern for template is included in the pattern.

Title: Seasoned to Perfection
Item #TFT140
Size: 26" X 26"
This topper is a quick, easy project that can be made suitable for any season or holiday. The scrappier the better is my motto, but could easily be made with just three fabrics in the center. Five different seasonal appliques are included.

Title: Prints Charming
Item #TFT141
Size: 20" X 29 1/2"
Select a smashing color and outside border and the blocks can be made from your scraps. Blocks can be made scrappy or with just two fabrics. Idea: Use bright Halloween prints for the blocks, black sashing, and an orange or lime green print for the borders. It can easily be made suitable for any season.

Title: Aunt Edie's Legacy
Item #TFT137
Size: 30" X 30"
This pattern is a tribute to my Aunt Edie who first planted the seed of creativity in me by the great hand-made Christmas gifts she made for all the nieces for Christmas. This is a quick, easy project that can be made suitable for any holiday or season.

Title: Half Baked
Item #TFT136
Size: 21" X 27"
This wall quilt is comprised of some of the different things you can do with half-square triangle blocks. With the use of Thangles or Triangulations, this is a much easier project than it looks. It is made completely with just one size of half-square triangles.

Title: Calico Path
Item #TFT135
Size: 28" X 28"
This quick, easy project can be used as a topper or a wall quilt. It's a great way to use up some of those odds and ends of scraps.

Title: Just a Little Crazy
Item #TFT134
Size: 22" X 22"
Use decorative stitches on your sewing machine and the enclosed template to make this an easy weekend project.

Title: Scrap Baskets
Item #TFT133
Size: 12" X 46"
Most of this project can be made from your stash. Use 30s fabrics to make it look springy, Kansas Troubles to give it the feel of autumn, or reds and greens for a holiday flair.

Title: Argyle Gala
Item #TFT132
Size: 15" X 34 1/2"
This tablerunner can easily be made suitable for any season or holiday simply by choosing the appropriate color of fabrics. It can also be made longer by adding more of the center rows.

Title: Pinwheel Promenade
Item #TFT127
Size: 20 1/2" X 20 1/2"
This little quilt can be used as a tabletopper or wallhanging. If you have never used Thangles this would be the perfect project to try them. The little half-square triangles come out so perfect without all the time consuming trimming.

Title: Take a Gander
Item #TFT128
Size: 14 1/2" X 35"
Flying geese units make this a quick, simple project. It can take on the feel of any season simply by changing the fabrics you choose. Additional seasonal applique designs are included as well as instructions for matching placemats.

Title: Ebony Waltz
Item #TFT126
Size: 24" and 24"
Although pictured in shirtings and Civil War fabrics for an antique look, this pattern would also work in 30's fabrics for a nice, springy wallhanging or Kansas Troubles for fall. The simplicity of this little wall quilt makes it a real charmer!

Title: Ellie's Mom & Me Bags
Item #TFT124
Size: 9 1/2 X 10 X 4" and 8 X 9 X 3 1/2"
The picture doesn't do these bags justice. Both sizes have a large outside pocket and a cell phone pocket on the end. Several pockets on the inside help keep all the contents organized. Either bag can be made in a one-day workshop if the sewers come with the fabric already quilted. Ties gather up the ends for a cute decorative accent. Bags have a magnetic snap closure.